Cold Weather Chamber Test

December 03, 2021 | News

In a series of tests with several user participants, ROG tested the First Contact Liner, Sniper Mitten, and Tactical Warm Dry (TWD) glove in temperatures ranging from -31 degrees fahrenheit to -42 degrees fahrenheit.
Participants in the chamber remained static throughout the duration of their time inside, so data gathered does not take into account level of activity, energy output, or individual thermogenesis (heat production). All averages of temperature and time inside the chamber are inclusive of six separate tests.
While wearing the First Contact Liner with the TWD glove, users averaged 36 minutes inside the chamber at an average temperature of -38.4 degrees fahrenheit.
While wearing the First Contact Liner by itself, users averaged 13 minutes inside the chamber at -39 degrees, excluding an outlier of 39 minutes by a non-static user.
With the First Contact Liner and Sniper Mitten worn together, no participant exited the chamber at -37 degrees. Every user stayed in the chamber for a full 60 minutes, with no complaints of discomfort.
Although the Sniper Mitten was the specific product tested in the chamber, the Tundra Mitten and Sniper Mitten are nearly the same; the only difference is the trigger finger opening on the Sniper Mitten.
ROG consistently seeks new and better ways to improve all our products. For cold and extreme cold weather conditions, ROG offers protective, durable solutions to protect its users in extreme subzero temperatures.
Individual results may vary. This cold weather chamber test does not indicate or guarantee perfect function in cold weather environments. Results depend on user, activity, and wear.

Cold Weather Chamber Test
Cold Weather Chamber Test
Cold Weather Chamber Test

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